miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

Don't panic, I'm ok!

And I really mean it, despite of all the facts. As I said once, the mistery of "how things that are supposed to let you down, they end up cheering you up!". I'm completely alright, as a matter of fact.
Things are hard when you're abroad, I guess it's normal. It doesn't mean I'm kind of depressed or I'm gonna run away from here in the first plane. Lately the things turned quite weird, I guess I had something to do with it. The variable mood and stuff like that, and also 'cause I realised I'm losing a few people I used to care about so much. But if they don't care, why the hell should I care?

Anyway, I've had a loong day working. I know is not fair to call "work" such a good job like going to Macdonalds with my wee boys, playing in the park or watching how fun a simple balloon is (which fraser has been playing with for quite a lot of hours!). The worst part was this morning, when I had to deal with a sick Fraser who didn't want to recover (just pretending, he didn't want to go to the holydays class), and with a reeaaally angry Callum shouting and crying (he didn't want to go either). The matter was this class, kind of activity the parents book when the kids are on holidays to get rid of them (I'd do the same, wouldn't you? I do love my boys, but staying the whole day with them is almost unbearable!). In this class they do drawings, games, stuff like that. It's supposed to be fun but it doesn't seem this way to my wee boys. Callum was blaming on and on his dad

-Dad is a LIER!! He said I didn't have to go again if I didn't like it!!! He promissed!!

-Ok, then, let's talk to your dad this evening. Now go upstairs and get ready, we're late!

I tried the most polite ways to persuade him, like "c'mon, you'll have fun! and it's just two hours, don't be so stubborn little!" (as a amatter of fact, "little" is how I call them. Without name after that, I know it's wrong but I like it anyway). But none of this things worked. He ended up locking the toilet's door and sitting inside. It took me 20 min to get him out, but somehow I managed. Meanwhile I lied a bit to Fraser, keeping him cheated.

-Let's go Fraser, you are coming as well! Just to accompany us and then come back with me, because obviously you're sick.

He seemed more than fine with that, so I thought everything was sorted out. When I finally manage to get them outside and once we were on our way, I told Fraser the truth. Once more time, he didn't seem afected at all!
Then I went to the supermarket next to the school, since it was one hour and a half left to get them out. I bought the cheapest book and the crapest magazine, then I went to the coffee shop and took the largest mocha coffee. Could you think of a greater plan?
One hour and 25 minutes later I went back to the school to pick them up, and go straight to the Macdonalds.

Such a surprise, to find out they didn't take a greasy and tasty hamburguer!!! They chose the chicken nuggets with chips instead, and it took ages for them to finish. I'm wondering how they can eat sooo extremely slow. But of course they chose the chicken nuggets and chips inside of the happy meal box, to get the toy. Since I'm not longer a kid (just feel like a teenager, but nothing too worrying) I chose a salad. (There's no point in going to a Macdonalds and not taking junk food, I know!)
Then we spend the next hour eating and playing with the balloons, which are by far funnier than any other thing in the world. Or it seemed this way, at least. Later on we went to the park and I watched how easy is for my wee boys to make friends. One "hi!", and it's done. Friends forever, until two hours later (when we left). Meanwhile I've been listen to music, ipod in my hand and the magazine in the other. Enjoying the sunny weather!

Then we went back home, and we walked more than I expected because we got a bit lost. Completely my fault! (I'm still crap in this sort of stuff). They were sweating, absolutely exhausted, I couldn't believe! just for 30 MINUTES OF WALKING. C-MON. What's wrong with the kids nowadays?? they looked like an old people! they kept saying thinks like "We've been walking for 3 hours, can weeee take a break pleaaaaaseee????" with a tone in their voice close to death. They're 9 and 7, for god's sake!

At least we had time to talk, I always enjoy chatting with them. No matter what they talk about, they always say such a silly and hilarious things!!
Finally we got home, and obviously they run to the computer and tv. Though amazingly Fraser got bored after 15 minutes watching the tv, and he has been playing with the awesome balloon for the last 4 hours. FOUR-HOURS. Playing.with.a.balloon. Everything is possible! I have to add that he has named the balloon, and he has been showing me how the balloon likes him as his master, and how he trains him. Aaaaawesome. I never thought a balloon can be sooo fun.

Anyway, I cooked for them as most of the days and I waited for my adorable host mum. I need t keep her happy since I realised when I got home that I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT NICHOLAS TODAY. I was supposed to go home and get Nicholas to go all together to Macdonalds, and then the park and everything. But I absolutely forgot, it's not I don't care about him...I'm just not used to be with him!
I guess I'm the worst au pair ever, don't you think?

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  1. cuántos sentimientos eres capaz de percibir cuando haces algo con cariño!
    éso te hace enormemente grande y de un valor que, ojalá,fuera la base de la humanidad.
    Sigue en esa línea y seguirás creciendo
    te quiero